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Equipment Rental Request Form

Please complete the either the "Event Request Form" or the "Wedding Request Form" when needing rentals for those events.
City, State & Zip Code:
Contact Phone Number:
Contact Email Address:
Date of Event:
Time of Event:
Tableware: (check all that apply)
Stainless steel silverware
China Dinner Plate
China Salad Plate
China Coffee Cup
Water Goblet
Wine Glass
Champagne Flute
Drink Pitcher
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Linens: (check all that apply)
Cloth Dinner Napkins (Color TBD)
90" Round White Table Covers
90" Square Ivory Table Covers
54"x110" White Table Covers
54"x110" Ivory Table Covers
120" Round White Table Covers
13' White Pleated Table Skirts
17' White Pleated Table Skirts
21' White Pleated Table Skirts
21' Black Pleated Table Skirt
Tables: (check all that apply)
24"x48" table
30"x72" table
30"x96" table
30" round x 45" high cocktail table
60" round table
1/2 Round Accent Table
Miscellaneous Items: (check all that apply)
Ceiling Drapes (white shear)
Ceiling Drapes with soft white lighting
4 tier 48" high chandelier
6' Spiral chandelier
White Folding Chairs (62 available)
Floor Accent Up-Lighting
Soft White Table Skirt Lighting
LED White Table Skirt Lighting
Pipe & Drape Backdrops
Pipe & Drape Backdrops Valances
Portable Bar
Reserved Table Signs
Silver Chargers
Gold Chargers
Stainless Champagne Bucket on Stand
Cupcake Tree
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